• Personalized Neural Stem Cell Therapy

    Precision Treatment for Parkinson's Disease

  • About Us

    Led by world-renowned scientists and clinicians, we develop and advance cell replacement therapy utilizing our proprietary autologous stem cells approach to treat Parkinson’s disease and other degenerative CNS aliments.  

    Parkinson's Disease

    One of the Most Debilitating Diseases

    One of the most common chronic neurodegenerative diseases in the elderly. It affects one of every 100 persons over the age of 60 and up to 10 million patients worldwide.

    Autologous Stem Cells

    Targeted , Personalized Cell Replacement Therapy

    Not all stem cells are created equal. Our technology harvests a patient's own adult stem cells. After in vitro expansion, differentiation and characterization, the stem cells are then re-implanted back to the patient to provide the most effective and safe therapeutics.

  • Our Technology

    Neurogeneration's proprietary adult human stem cell technology regenerates healthy neural tissue similar to that found at birth. During the process of recreating a large number of unaltered primitive neural cells in vitro, Neurogeneration scientists can replicate the pathways of development and cell maturation that lead to the reformation of healthy neural circuitry.

    Treatment Procedure

    1. Using a safe small surgical procedure , a small tissue sample is harvested from a patient’s brain.


    2. The tissue is then placed into cell cultures and through precise expansion, differentiation and characterization steps, the final product containing dopamine secreting neuron stem cells and other vital cells are ready to be re-implanted to treat patients.


    3. Stem cells are injected back to the patient through a minimally invasive micro-injection.

    Phase I clinical result

    Safety: Using a patient's own cells for treatment steers away from possible immunogenetic reactions and potential ethnic concerns. The procedures are very similar to the current widely-adopted DBS surgeries--the harvesting of the cells and the micro-infusion procedure have been well-established and are considered very safe


    Effectiveness: Our technology has shown that our stem cells have a high survival rate and can be successfully intergrated into patients' brain circuitry resulting significant improvement in patients' conditions in our Phase I clinical trials

  • Leadership Team

    Michel Levesque, MD

    CEO & Founder

    Mohamedi Kagalwala, PhD


    Patricia Eastman, MHA


  • Scientific advisory board

    Kalpana Merchant, PhD

    Former CSO, Eli Lilly Translational Science

    PhD, Neuropharmacology University of Utah

    Eliezer Masliah, MD, PhD

    Tenured Professor, Neurosciences and Pathology, UCSD

    Director, Laboratory of Experimental Neuropathology

    David Brafman, PhD

    PI, UCSD Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine

    Karl Willert, PhD

    Core Director, UCSD stem cell Program

    Associate Professor, UCSD

    Alysson Muotri, PhD

    Associate Director, UCSD stem cell Program

    Associate Professor, UCSD

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    [email protected]neurogeneration.com

    Corporate: (310) 659-6633

    Laboratories: (858) 242-1511

    Corporate: 8670 Wilshire Blve,

    Suite 201, Beverly Hills, CA, USA

    Laboratories: c/o JLABS,

    3210 Merryfield Row,

    San Diego, CA, 92121


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